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Paint Correction Services for Wausau and Weston, Wisconsin

The paint of any vehicle can easily be damaged. Even a slight graze of the surface can leave an unsightly scratch that, although small, can still affect the overall appearance and impression of your car.

Our professional paint correction services are meant to maintain your car’s exterior and keep it looking as good as it did when you first drove off the dealership lot.

Our paint correction service is the way to go if you want an instant boost in the shine and clarity of your vehicle’s paint. You can trust that Finish Line’s polishing method is as stunning as it is safe on the integrity and color of your paint.

Scratched Paint Repair and Restoration Wausau and Weston Wi

Shiny Red Sports Car with Paint Protection

Make the Best Impression

Remember how excited you were to show off your new car to friends and family? The paint’s bright and vibrant color was the main attraction that drew the attention of whoever you passed.

With time and consistent use, your vehicle’s exterior may no longer attract as many eyeballs as it once used to. That does not mean its quality has to only go downhill from there. By investing in an our machine polishing service, your vehicle will look just as good as new.

If you choose us to polish your car’s surface, our industry standard equipment can bring out the shine of your paint without sacrificing quality in depth and shade. In just one session, you will leave with a vehicle that makes the best impression wherever you go.

An Effective Swirl Removing Method

Ever noticed a bunch of swirl-like marks on your vehicle’s surface? They can become especially apparent under the light and seem to appear by themselves.

The swirl marks are actually fine scratches on your paint which visibly collect over time. A high-quality paint correction service can remove them and restore paint clarity.

At Fine Line Auto Sports, our professionals take pride in a specially developed process which uses only the best polishing and compounding technology. They combine the effectiveness of the equipment with their training in the safest buffing techniques.

This process is not only meant to foster a meticulous working environment, but also ensure every step is completed to the highest quality standards. It is a commitment that elevates what we do from other buffers in Wisconsin.

Swirl Removal Method on Sports Car
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The Best Auto Paint Correction Services in Wisconsin!

No matter what vehicle you drive, Finish Line is here to help you give off the best impression wherever you go. We make sure to repair and restore the look of your vehicle so it is as good as new.

If you’re ready for a polishing and paint correction service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Feel free to give us a call at (715) 803-8468 for your free estimate.

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