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Smart Phone for Car

Drone Mobile

DroneMobile gives you the peace of mind, convenience, and security of staying connected to your car form your smartphone. With one simple connection the DroneMobile module connects your vehicle’s remote start or security system to your smartphone to give you unlimited access to your vehicle.

Your vehicle must be equipped with a remote start or security system to work with the Drone module, either prior to installation or during. Ask us about a basic remote start or security system option.

Drone Mobile Car Control App

Drone Mobile Has Everything!

Unlimited Control…Access From Anywhere
Using the DroneMobile app, you can lock your doors or activate your remote starter if the weather outside is too cold or too hot. Track your vehicle’s location in the event it is stolen or you cannot remember where you parked. (additional fees may apply) You can receive alerts to your screen with maintenance notifications or security breaches.

Great Choice for Families

You can keep an eye on your kids using your car with “geofencing” which alerts you if your vehicle leaves a specified area, and “speed alerts” that notify you when you vehicle has gone above a specified speed. As you send commands, AVA, our Animated Vehicle Assistant will confirm your vehicle’s status.

Use your smartphone to handle vehicle functions such as:

  • Start or Stop Your Vehicle’s Engine
  • Lock or Unlock Your Vehicle’s Doors
  • Operate Your Vehicle’s Windows
  • Track Your Vehicle’s Location
  • Set Geofencing Boundaries and Speed Alerts
  • Receive Maintenance and Security Alerts

Annual Plans

With plans starting at $49.99/Year, basic plans include all control functions and alarm alerts. For full vehicle status and DroneMobile maps, upgrade to a Premium plan for $119.99/year.

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