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New Car Prep and Protection

When is the best time to safeguard your new car?
The time is now, when you can still add protection to the exterior of your vehicle and maintain its beautiful look.

Contrary to popular belief, a new car straight off the dealership lot isn’t going to be perfect. Your car will still have some slight imperfections after the manufacturing process. In fact, without any added protection to your paint, glass windows, or wheels, your car may be even more vulnerable to road exposure.

Luckily, our technicians at Finish Line Auto Sports in Wisconsin recognize the potential of your vehicle and know how to preserve its fresh look for years to come.

New Car Prep and Protection

New Sports Car Paint Protection Service

Professional Car Protection Service

For over a decade, we have prepared nearly every vehicle model and make for protection, whether it be a commuting car or a luxury vehicle. That means we’re no strangers to your new vehicle and what it takes to bolster its look.

As professionals operating for the Wausau, Weston, Stevens Point, and Marshfield area, we understand how much damage the chilly winter weather can impact upon your new car. We also recognize how important it is to balance full protection with your preferences.

Why Brand New Isn’t the New Perfect

Your new car might look stunning from a distance. However, a closer inspection might reveal a different story. During the manufacturing process, many workers will have touched your car, gave it a test drive, or conducted improper maintenance. Then, it is usually transported by ship, semi-trailer, or train along with other cars, accumulating dirt in the process.

Finally, it ends up sitting in an outdoor parking lot exposed to the outdoor elements, where the outer paint and finish can be impacted.

So, what does this mean for your brand-new vehicle? Although it may not be as perfect as can be, you have the power to fortify it to the next level.

New Car Lot in Wisconsin

Finish Line’s Prep and Protection Process

We take pride in our quality of offerings and dedication to professional service. Our new car prep protection process starts with a full examination of any imperfections or defects. From there, we let you know what we think is the best course of action and take in what your preferences are.

Auto Prep Protection Process on a New Vehicle

Precise Paint Polishing

To remove paint swirls, scratches, and slight imperfections, a quick polish from our machines can bring out the depth and clarity of your paint in no time. Our safe techniques make sure to enhance the gloss of your exterior without sacrificing material integrity.

Dedicated Detailing Services

While detailing the interior of your vehicle, we aim to capture the little things so you can focus on the big picture. Our industry standard tools combined with our dedication to detail and attentiveness make Finish Line the perfect choice.

Perfect Paint Protection Film and Installation

Before the bumpiest of roads can wreak havoc on your car, allow us to install the strongest yet most invisible paint protection film on the exterior. We employ the top techniques to carefully wrap your car, fortifying it for whatever the roads may bring.

Find Your All-Inclusive New Car Prep Protection at the Finish Line!

Our priority is to enhance your new car and ensure that it is ready to impress wherever you travel. We are also proud to offer a variety of car protection and preparation services in one simple package with our guaranteed 3 year/36,000-mile warranty.

If you’re ready to experience a new car prep and protection solution that does more than simply gloss over the basics, then contact us today at (715) 803-8468 for your free estimate .

3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty
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