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Sports Car with HID Headlights Installed

HID Light Sales and Installation

Keep your family safer at night with a professionally installed HID lighting system from the experts at Finish Line.

HID stands for high-intensity discharge, which means that our bulbs are brighter than standard headlights. In fact, our bulbs can emit light that is up to 300% better than conventional bulbs. This allows you to have a better view of the road and have extra time to make life saving decisions. HID bulbs also use less electricity despite their extra brightness, which makes them far more efficient and sustainable-friendly.

H I D Lights - Before and After Installation
H I D Light Installation and Sales

5 Benefits of using HID Lights

When you choose to work with our professionals at Finish Line, you’ll enjoy a 3 year/36,000-mile warranty for our bulbs, ballasts, wiring, and installation. We also carry a wide selection of bulbs in stock that are sure to fit your needs.

Energy Saver

Our HID headlights produce a brighter light while also using less electricity. The efficiency of HID compared to other conventional bulbs help you slow down fuel consumption and save money on energy and gas.

Better Sight

When night falls upon roads without working streetlights, driving can suddenly become more dangerous. Animals could suddenly cross or fallen trees could block roadways. A heavy downpour of rain could dramatically reduce visibility. No matter the situation, equipping your vehicle with HID headlights can provide you with just the right amount of time to act before a life-and-death disaster strikes. Being able to see a greater distance can make an enormous impact on the safety of you and your family.

Blue HID Light Install

High Quality

Our HID headlights skip out on the flimsy filament materials that make conventional bulbs so fragile and easy to break. Instead, they are made out of durable material that is meant to last, with each bulb having a typical lifespan of about 5,000 hours.

Wide Variety

Because HID headlights produce a brighter and cleaner light, they are able to emit far more colors than the traditional dim yellow. We offer a wide selection of colors that fit your preferences.

Easy to Maintain

The durability of our HID headlights gives them the power to withstand even the toughest of weather conditions in all four seasons, such as the brutal Wisconsin winters. They require minimal maintenance and will last you tens of thousands of hours on the road.

HID Light Installed on White Car

Brighten Your Path to the Finish Line with HID Bulbs!

For years, our Finish Line experts have brightened the roads and increased visibility for hundreds of Wisconsin drivers with our HID lighting systems. Our quality bulbs and equipment will not only keep your family safe in the darkness, but also reduce your fuel consumption with a long lifespan.

Ready to upgrade your conventional headlights to HID?

Don’t hesitate to get a free estimate from Wisconsin’s premier Autosport’s professionals today!.

3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty for HID Light Installation
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