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Leather Interior

Choose to match your factory interior color, or customize it!

Katzkin – the leading manufacturer of aftermarket leather interiors – offers the greatest selection of colors, materials and custom options. Including such unique choices as Barracuda square-perf leather, Rawlings baseball glove leather, simulated Crocodile, Lizard, Ostrich, Carbon Fiber, and more.

Katzkin Color Chart for Leather Car Seats

Katzkin Color Chart

Katzkin offers a wide range of leather interior styles and colors. Not sure what colors you want? The Katzkin’s Color Chart can help with the color selection process.

Custom Leather Seat Options:


Two-tone leather is one of the most popular leather options and is a great way to personalize your interior!


Custom piping is a great to give your seats a unique look with the accent of color.


Add a new dimension to your interior with perforated leather. Not only does perforation enhance the look of your seats, it also helps to keep you cooler during the hot summer months.


Other options are available such as custom embroidery, custom stitching and logo embossing. Please give us a call (715) 803-8468 or get a free estimate for assistance in personalizing your vehicle’s interior!

Custom Leather Seat Installation
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