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Basic Interior and Exterior Detailing

A Detail Washing Wheels and Tires on a Car in Wausau Wisconsin
Car Interior Vacuum Service for Wausau WI
Polishing and Waxing Exterior of a Luxury Car
Interior Auto Car and Truck Detailing for Wausau Wisconsin


Since not everybody is in the market for a full-out Restorative Detail or Concours Preparation, we have established a new level of detailing services to suit the majority of the market: “Daily Drivers.”

Is your car, truck, van or SUV in need of a relatively quick, thorough, and safe cleaning inside and out? If so, we’ve got you covered. Or do they require a more intensive detail with a light machine polishing to bring out a deeper gloss? We’ve got those services as well.

Our washes and light detailing services are performed with the same (proper) techniques, tools, and boutique chemicals as used on high-end details on exotics and collector cars, so you know that you’re still getting the absolute best services available. We only use proper washing and drying techniques, and we utilize them on every detail. We only use gentle, pH balanced shampoos and wheel cleaners that are safe on all surfaces.


Mini Detail

Carpet Cleanin SUV Rear Compartment
  • Hand-wash using proper and modern techniques to prevent swirls and marring of the finish
  • Wheel faces cleaned
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Tires dressed using water-based dressing (non-greasy, non-fling)
  • Spot steam clean of upholstery and/or carpets
  • Vacuum interior
  • Interior and Exterior glass cleaned
  • Interior hard surfaces wiped down (gauges, controls, etc)
  • Recommended frequency: As needed


Cars – $149
SUV/Large – $179

Premium Wash & Wax

Exterior Car Wash Wausau and Weston Wisconsin
  • Hand-wash using proper and modern techniques to prevent swirls and marring of the finish
  • Clay bar the paint surfaces to remove contaminants
  • Hand application of a very durable wax / sealant (up to 6 months)
  • Wheels and inner barrels cleaned to remove built-up brake dust and dirt
  • Wheel wells cleaned
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Tires dressed using water-based dressing (non-greasy, non-fling)
  • Vacuum interior
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned
  • Interior hard surfaces wiped down


Cars – $249
SUV/Large – $279

Winterization Detail

Winterized Car Wausau WI
  • Provides your vehicle with a deep cleaning from the summer driving season
  • Durable protection on exterior and interior surfaces that typically take a lot of abuse during the harsh winters here in the Midwest. The cold, snow, salt, and debris from the winter can be quite harmful to your vehicle’s finish, so protect it accordingly to keep it looking better for longer.
  • All services included in Mini-Detail
  • Special protectants used on exterior and interior surfaces that will last through the winter months.
  • Clay bar painted surfaces to remove contamination
  • Paint protection
  • Windshield protection
  • Carpet / fabric protection included using products from GYEON Quartz.


Cars- $350
SUV/Large – $390

Mini Machine Polish Detail

Spotless and Shiny Black Car Sedan
  • The Light Machine Polish detail includes all services provided in the Mini Detail, but adds a light machine polish (buffing) for a deep cleaning of the paint to reduce fine haze and to increase gloss.
  • Your car will be treated with the most modern and safe buffing techniques / products, and even as an “entry level” machine polish detail, the resulting finish will be better than what most car owners have ever experienced in an automotive detailing package.
  • All services included in Mini-Detail
  • Light machine polish to reduce slight haze, bring out color and gloss, and add a durable layer of protection
  • Will remove some swirl marks and scratches, for full removal see our Paint Correction service page.


Cars – $350
SUV/Large – $390


  • Excessively dirty vehicles (mud, tar, sap, bugs, etc) may be extra.
  • Recommended Frequency: Most clients do this twice per year (spring cleanup, and fall preparation for winter)
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