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Heated Seats

Heated seats are a necessity when you live in the northern parts of Wisconsin such as Wausau, Stevens Point, Marshfield, Antigo and further north. At Finish Line Auto Sports, our technicians can install seat heaters into your existing cloth or leather seats.

You will never understand how uncomfortable it is to sit in your car until you survive a Wisconsin winter. In the northern parts of the state such as Wausau, Stevens Point, Marshfield, Antigo, and further up, temperatures can drop to around -30°F (-34.4°C). It isn’t only the frigid cold, but the heavy layers of snow that also make it hard to operate a vehicle.

Heated seats are a necessity when you live through Wisconsin’s most brutal season. At Finish Line Auto Sports, our technicians know how to install seat heaters into your existing cloth or leather seats without altering the look of your vehicle.

Heat Seats for Winter 2022

Enjoy Instant Warmth

When you can’t stand the coldness of your cloth or leather seats a moment longer, a quick flip of a switch on your heated seat provides instant relief. You will be able to enjoy more bodily mobility as the heater takes longer to warm up the rest of the vehicle.

Reduce Energy and Co2 Consumption

Reduce Energy Consumption

Heated seats do an excellent job of transferring the majority of their heat directly to your body rather than the rest of the vehicle’s interior. This means you might not even need to turn on the heater at all if the seats do a job well done. Come the end of the winter, you’ll notice lowered energy and gas bills thanks to the effectiveness of your heated seats.

Temperature Controlled Car Seats

Adjustable for Personal Preference

Some passengers are more sensitive to the cold than others. Every driver and passenger will be empowered to individually control their own temperatures on their heated seats. Unlike a traditional vehicle, you’ll be able to satisfy everyone’s preferences and create a comfortable riding experience during the winter.

Withstand Wisconsin Winters with Heated Seats!

As a northern Wisconsin-based business, our autosport professionals understand just how tough driving in the winter can be. That firsthand experience becomes your benefit when we install high quality heated seats guaranteed to provide instant warmth. If you’re ready to brave the next winter in comfort and style, give us a call today at (715) 803-8468 for further information or to schedule an appointment.

REGULAR PRICE: $579 / per pair
SALE PRICE: $449 / per pair
3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty on all Heated Seat Installation
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