Can a Remote Car Starter Be Installed into Another Vehicle?

Date Posted April 19th, 2013

Many times when we install a remote starter, a question that comes up quite frequently is "can this be tranferred to a new vehicle?" Although it is a simple question, the answer may be more complex...Lets take a look.

Even though our remote starts include installation, removal has a cost that is charged hourly. Most removals cost $60-120 in labor for 1-2 hours of time.

What is the Starter Going into?
This is one of the most important questions as remote starter installations on different vehicles can sometime require different parts. Most newer vehicles will need some type of transponder bypass to allow the vehicle to think a key is in the ignition and for the remote start to do its job. If both vehicles use the same bypass, GREAT! If they do not, then you will need to purchase a new bypass ranging in price from $99-149.

Installation Harness Kit
Most shops will tell you this is not required and that is true at MOST shops...But when we install a remote starter into your vehicle, we cut all wires to custom fit lengths, we depin any non-used wires preventing a rats nest of an install. Although this creates a clean install, it will not fit properly into any other vehicle. Re-using this harness would require our technicans to splice wires together to gain appropriate length and that is not the correct way of installing a remote car starter. We recommend purchasing a new harness just like what came originally with the starter, leaving a much cleaner, problem free installation. Cost is $49.

Most remote car starter manufacturers warranty the unit in the vehicle it was originally installed in therefore removing the unit and installing in another vehicle basically would end the warranty. But, since we are a specialty shop, we can do things slightly different, meaning if you have us handle the installation, removal and reinstallation into another vehicle with a new installation harness kit, we are able to extend your warranty to your new vehicle as well.

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