Is Remote Car Starter Range Really That Important?

Date Posted April 12th, 2013

Every year, we sell hundreds of remote starters, so one of the most common things we often hear from customers is "I just want to be able to start my car from in my house and out the window from work, I don't need 3000 feet of range.

The remote key fob transmitters that we sell, start out at 800 feet of range and go all the way up to 1 mile, even half way around the world with the drone mobile. Most people would think that 800 feet of range is more than sufficient, and you know to be fair maybe it is is from work or at home...But how about at the doctors office, or a football or baseball game, or at the zoo or airport, it is more than likely that you are further than 800' feet away from your vehicle in most if not all of these scenarios...I'd also venture to say that you'd still like to get into a warm vehicle or a cool one in the summer.

Another thing to consider that is often not thought about, is the transmitters ability to penetrate through walls, glass, wood, concrete etc...Manufacturers list their range in a perfect scenario, which amounts to your vehicle out in a field and and you standing 800' away with no overhead power lines, or other obstacles in the way. Most of the time, you are going to be remote starting your vehicle from in some type of building. That means the signal from your remote must penetrate such things as wood, glass, concrete, siding and many times through multiple layers. All of these mentioned things will dramatically reduce the effective range of your transmitter. Therefore your 800 feet, can quickly become 100-150 feet. In the case of our 3,000 foot remotes, these factors will still leave you with plenty of range from much more than 800 feet. So having a greater "perfect scenario" ranhe will help ensure your vehicle will start in most if not all cases.

Look at the models we sell, the least expensive package is good for 800 feet. The 3,000 foot model is only $100 more and also provides 2-way confirmation that your vehicle has started. That extra $100 now will pay dividends in the real world.

The moral of this information is that if you decide to purchase a remote car starter, take the above information into account before making your purchase, upgrading to a longer range unit is not all that more expensive. The remote starters we offer are very reliable, they do their job and with long range units you are much more likely to get into a warm or cooled vehicle.

(Note: As with any wireless service or transmission, it is impossible to guarantee specific distances. Different circumstances can have a dramatic effect on range. The ranges listed above are for illustration purposes only and not meant as a guarantee of service)

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