ArcticStart Torch2S Remote Starter/Keyless Entry

Date Posted December 18th, 2015




Remote starters have proven to be one of the most popular categories for us at Finish Line Auto Sports, and one of our most popular systems is the ArcticStart Torch2S. It is a great combination of features and performance for the money. When you think about the fact that the remote control for your remote starter is going to get used many times every day, it might as well be something easy to use and reliable. Here are some of the reasons our clients have made this a bestseller.

Torch2S Range

The Torch2S has up to 3,000 feet of range. That is over half a mile away! You may be asking, “Why do I need that much range? I only plan on using my remote starter in the morning before I leave home.” We have probably heard that question and statement 5,000 times at this point. Here is what we can tell you after building a clientele in the hundreds of thousands of remote starters: After you go out to a warm vehicle once, you will be hooked. Never again will you want to get in a cold vehicle, and you surely won’t want to scrape ice off the windows anymore. We suggest that you think of all the places your vehicle gets parked over the course of an average week – home, work, errands, church, meals, theater or movies, shopping, etc. – and buy enough range to start it from those places. Once you think of it that way, having great range makes a lot of sense. When you couple that with the fact that commercial buildings can lower your range by 70–80%, starting out with 3,000 feet of range becomes a good thing.

Two-Way Control

The Torch2S system communicates with your vehicle, and the vehicle communicates back to your remote control. If you ask it to lock the doors, it confirms back to you that they are locked. If you ask it to start the vehicle, once the engine is running, you get confirmation of successful starting. Since you have a system with great range, there will be many times that you are out of eyesight of the vehicle, so having the confirmation is a great asset.

Simple Design

This remote has four buttons conveniently stacked one above the other, making it easy to know you are pressing the correct button the first time. When you ask the vehicle to do something, the LED flashes yellow when transmitting and green when it receives confirmation back from the vehicle. Plus, all of the commands and confirmations have different audible beeps, so you will instantly recognize what happened just by listening for the appropriate sound.


Compustar/ArcticStart is known in the remote start world for making the longest-lasting products in the market. That is why we are so honored to be considered one of their premier partners.

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