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How to Choose the right Remote Starter Features for you?

Date Posted November 14th, 2013

We install hundreds of remote starter systems each year at Finish Line Auto Sports. Most of those are for new car dealerships we service and have a customer who wants the convenience of a remote starter with their new vehicle. Our retail customers usually are researching features and benefits on remote start systems so they know what types of questions to ask before having a remote starter installed.

What Remote Starter Features are available to you?

Remote Starter Keyfob Range

One of the most important features you must look at when purchasing is the range of distance you need from your remote starter. Think about all your trips to the store, doctors visits or maybe even from work. You may find that you wish you had gone with a longer range keyfob for these occasions. The last thing you'd want is a remote starter system for your car that is always out of range when you need it most! All of our Arctic Start remote start systems have a minimum of 800' of range and can go all the way up to 1-Mile!

1-Way or 2-Way Remote Starter

The most common question we get is what's the difference between the 1-way remote start and the 2-way remote start system? The difference is our 2-way remote starters confirm that the vehicle has started the engine, locked or unlocked. What happens with a 2-way system is the remote keyfob sends a signal to the vehicle to start, lock or unlock, and then once the vehicle has performed the command, it will send signal back to the keyfob which will alert you via audible tones and flashing green LEDs confirming it performed the aforementioned command. This is a feature that many people spend extra money for, but for those that don't, it is often that they regret their decision to not go with a 2-way system. Getting up in the morning and going out to a cold vehicle because you didn't know it didn't start is no fun at all.

Keyless Entry

Most of our remote starters come with Lock and Unlock buttons for cars that have power door locks and do or do not have factory keyless entry. If you already have keyless entry, thats great! Our keyless entry is included with each remote starter for vehicles with power locks and will increase your range at least 6 times over. Even our 1-button keyfob has lock and unlock capability as well.

LCD Remote Starters

Our LCD remote starters are an excellent choice for those who are looking for long range from their remote starter as they have 1-mile of range, and provide important information such as vehicle temperature, vehicle status, remote starter run down time and much more. These are also a great option for security systems as they will show which zone has been set off in the event your alarm is triggered.

Car Finder / Panic

As we previously mentioned, you can have a panic button added in with the Remote Starter that allows you to scare off people who may be loitering near your car late night in a parking lot, or field or wherever you may be. One push of the button and your horn will begin to honk and your parking lights will start flashing. With all of the extra attention anyone who is up to no good will not want to stick around for long!

Priority Drivers Unlock

If you are at all concerned with security and are often alone when out and about priority unlock is a feature that comes in handy. Lets say your walking up to your vehicle and hit unlock, it can be set up to only unlock the drivers door, a would be thief or predator will not be able to jump into the passenger side when you hit unlock because that part of the car will stay locked! If you want all of the doors to unlock, just press the unlock button twice!

Anti Grind

If you have ever had a remote car starter before and it didn't have this, you know exactly what I am talking about. You've initiated the remore starter, you jump into your car, turn the key and GGGGGRRRIIINNNDDD!!!! You turned the key to far and ground the starter! Ouch!!!! Now we can create a simple circuit integrated into the remote start to keep this from happening so no worries about beating up your starter on your car.

These are just a few of the key things you should be looking at when it comes to a remote start, there are plenty of other conveniences like turning on your heated seats (don't have that? We can add that!), turbo timer for your diesel or turbo vehicle, rear defrost controls and many more!

The key to being a happy remote starter owner is finding a reputable shop and making sure it is set up the way you want it! *cough* Finish Line *cough* Sure you can find it at some random electronics store or Wal-mart for cheaper but is saving $50 really worth not getting a finished result that works exactly the way you wanted it to?

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